About Osmosis Lounge

Osmosis Lounge was created in Modesto, California as a way to  enhance wellness, assist in treating medical conditions, and even  help in the reversing of effects of aging. We believe that wellness starts from within and you can achieve this by replacing the vitamins and nutrients that your body has depleted.


As Emergency room nurses and health and wellness advocates we understand the importance of each vitamin or nutrient and how it achieves greatness by assisting your body in functioning at the highest level possible.


Osmosis Lounge was made for every person looking to feel better and find a healthy life balance with IV hydration while putting a priority on your health and wellness. Whether you’re a tireless mom, devoted athlete, busy entrepreneur, or wanderlust traveler Osmosis Lounge has something for everyone to get them looking and feeling their absolute best!

Meet Our Team

Terra Goodrich

Terra graduate Merced College with her nursing degree. She has been a nurse for 8 years with 5 of those being cardiac trained and 3 years being in the Emergency room. Terra’s passion has always been helping others through health and wellness nursing and aims to create health starting in the home.

Alyssa Badiou

Alyssa graduated from CSU Stanislaus with her bachelors in nursing. She has been a nurse for 10 years with the first year being cardiac trained and the last 9 years being in the Emergency Room. Alyssa’s passion has always been helping and healing and she has a true talent for compassion and always puts her patients first.

Dr. Muazzum Aman

Dr. Aman is an ER physician with over 10 years of experience. He graduated from UC Davis and did his medical residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Dr. Aman is board certified in Emergency Medicine and a health and wellness enthusiast.

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