IV therapy benefits

The Drips

Myer’s Cocktail - $175  - Enhance your immune system, ward off fatigue, and guard yourself against acute and chronic illness...learn more


Immunity - $180 - Give your immune system a pick-me-up. Bolster your blood-cell army with the tools needed to fight off any insult.. learn more

Inflammation & Detox

Inflammation/Detox- $200 - Replenish oxygen to your damaged cells, reduce inflammation, and revitalize with vitamins and energy. learn more

Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty - $175 - Take your inner beauty to the next level. Rehydrate your skin, replenish your hair and nails, and combat wrinkles and even acne...learn more


Hangover - $150 - Rid yourself of the morning after effect of a night out! You never have to have that dreaded hangover again!...learn more

Athletic Overexertion

Athletic Overexertion - $150 -  Recover faster and improve your athletic performance so you can maintain your workout regimen at the highest level. learn more


Wellness - $160 -  Re-energize and fortify your body with fuel for daily life. Maintain energy levels, increase metabolism, and focus. 

...learn more


Get Up And Go

Get Up and Go - $175 -  Rehydrate your body with all the vitamins to boost your metabolism, give you energy, and help you burn fat...

learn more

COVID-19 Defense

COVID-19 Defense - $175 -  Give your immune system a boost and add some defense against the COVID-19 virus with Vitamin C and Zinc... learn more


Slim - $175 -  Get a head start with loosing those extra pounds. Accelerate your results with this infusion along with diet and exercise... learn more

Relaxation/ Calm

Relaxation/Calm - $175 -  Dealing with stress, or even that time of the month? This infusion is for you! Relax your muscles and chill... learn more

Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief - $175 -   Includes vitamins and nutrients to help you combat seasonal allergies and boost your defenses ... learn more

Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief- $180 -  Alleviate headache and migraine symptoms that are linked to vitamin deficiencies... learn more



Slim - $50 - Give your weight loss goals a boost. Increase your metabolism and your energy levels. 

...learn more

Slim Max

Slim- $75-Drop the extra pounds fast, increase your energy levels, and increase muscle growth...

learn more


Radiance - $45 - Glow from he inside out! Give your hair, skin, and nails some extra attention...

 learn more


Detox - $50- Restore your cells to glory and flush out toxins from your body...

learn more


Endurance - $ 75 -  Increase your energy and improve blood flow to the vital organs...

learn more


Energy - $25 -  Add some b12 for added energy to destroy all the days obstacles...

 learn more

Add Ons


Zofran - $25 - Anti-nausea medication. Relieve from vomiting and upset stomach...

learn more


Glutathione - $75 - An antioxidant that plays a crucial role in preventing cellular damage...learn more


Toradol - $50 - Anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve pain and inflammation. learn more

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