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Why Choose Intravenous Vitamin Therapy?

IV infusion therapy is the most effective way to deliver nutrients and medications to the body.  Traditional oral vitamin supplementation only allows for up to 50% absorption of nutrients due to the simple fact that many of them are destroyed by the very acidic environment of our digestive system, prior to them ever being absorbed. Administering these vitamins directly into the bloodstream bypasses our digestive system and allows for 100% of the hydration, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed by our cells.  This improved absorption leads to faster and more impactful results, by getting the nutrients to the desired cells and body systems that are being targeted by our vitamin regimens.  Our method and our selection of the highest quality medical grade vitamins, guarantees your investment into your health and wellness.

The Drips

Myer's Cocktail

Myer’s Cocktail - $175  - Enhance your immune system, ward off fatigue, and guard yourself against acute and chronic illness...learn more


Immunity - $180 - Give your immune system a pick-me-up. Bolster your blood-cell army with the tools needed to fight off any insult.. learn more

Inflammation & Detox

Inflammation/Detox- $200 - Replenish oxygen to your damaged cells, reduce inflammation, and revitalize with vitamins and energy. learn more

Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty - $175 - Take your inner beauty to the next level. Rehydrate your skin, replenish your hair and nails, and combat wrinkles and even acne...learn more


Hangover - $150 - Rid yourself of the morning after effect of a night out! You never have to have that dreaded hangover again!...learn more

Athletic Overexertion

Athletic Overexertion - $150 -  Recover faster and improve your athletic performance so you can maintain your workout regimen at the highest level. learn more


Wellness - $160 -  Re-energize and fortify your body with fuel for daily life. Maintain energy levels, increase metabolism, and focus. 

...learn more


Performance- $160 -  Provide your muscles the nutrients they need to build and grow. Propel your training so you can compete like a professional athlete... learn more

Get Up And Go

Get Up and Go - $175 -  Rehydrate your body with all the vitamins to boost your metabolism, give you energy, and help you burn fat...

learn more

COVID-19 Defense

COVID-19 Defense - $175 -  Give your immune system a boost and add some defense against the COVID-19 virus with Vitamin C and Zinc... learn more


Slim - $175 -  Get a head start with loosing those extra pounds. Accelerate your results with this infusion along with diet and exercise... learn more

Relaxation/ Calm

Relaxation/Calm - $175 -  Dealing with stress, or even that time of the month? This infusion is for you! Relax your muscles and chill... learn more

Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief - $175 -   Includes vitamins and nutrients to help you combat seasonal allergies and boost your defenses ... learn more

Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief- $180 -  Alleviate headache and migraine symptoms that are linked to vitamin deficiencies... learn more



Slim - $50 - Give your weight loss goals a boost. Increase your metabolism and your energy levels. 

...learn more

Slim Max

Slim- $75-Drop the extra pounds fast, increase your energy levels, and increase muscle growth...

learn more


Radiance - $45 - Glow from he inside out! Give your hair, skin, and nails some extra attention...

 learn more


Detox - $50- Restore your cells to glory and flush out toxins from your body...

learn more


Endurance - $ 75 -  Increase your energy and improve blood flow to the vital organs...

learn more


Energy - $25 -  Add some b12 for added energy to destroy all the days obstacles...

 learn more

Add Ons


Zofran - $25 - Anti-nausea medication. Relieve from vomiting and upset stomach...

learn more


Glutathione - $75 - An antioxidant that plays a crucial role in preventing cellular damage...learn more


Toradol - $50 - Anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve pain and inflammation. learn more

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